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In the most part the spelling and grammar has been kept intact. Informative and amusing, of course English was spoken and written a little differently 240 odd years ago.

In the name of the Widow Claas Tilly
From the year 1698

The Virtues and Effects of the Remedy, named
The Remedy approved by Grace.

This Medicine works miraculously with every one, that makes use of it, and the Grace of the Omnipotent God is experienced in it to admiration. When you take this remedy, it unites it self to the stomach, and is the same as a flying Mercury. It will dispel gently all Gravel and Stone without the least inconvenience or disturbance; and what we admire most, is that it dissolves the Stone, at the same time it inwardly heals.

Thus we observed and was eyewitness, how it cured a poor Man, that for Eleven years had suffered the torment of a wound, or fistula, caused by two incisions, and came to such a pitch of corruption that it bred worms, so that the poor Man casting from his Urine such a bad smell, he became very troublesome and was already disposed for an other Incision, in the space of these eleven years; it is to be admired how much Gravel and Stone came out of the same wound, all involved together by the way of an imposthume. And who so ever doubts this truth, he may examine the same Invalid, by name Adolf Cornelisz. Jonkhout. Another sick Man Abraham van Neer, having been under cure of the most Eminent Physicians for upwards of three years, was at last carried to Amsterdam to undergo an operation; but he grew so weak that he could not bear one. Happily making use of our Remedy, he was entirely restored to his perfect health. Whosoever is willing to take fifteen Drops of this Remedy every two Days, he may be sure to be free of the Gravel for a whole year together.

In any hour of the day you may take these Drops when the Stomach is best disposed to receive them.

This Remedy is also very excellent in strengthening the Stomach, and dissolving all thick and vicious humours of the same. It is good for all Bruises of the hands or feet, pains of the Reins, thickness of blood, all Black and Blue spots, all kind of Fevers, and in disposition of the Stomach, Liver, Lighs or Lungs, Asthma, Shortness of Breath, Cough, Inward or Outward Sores.

Hysterical pains; it advances the Mensies, & facilitates the Urine and Stool, restoring to the Face a fresh & wholesome Colour.

It cures the Scurvy, the Dropfy, the French Disease and kills the Worms. All these distempers are cured by taking fifteen drops every second day, and you may give the children as many drops as they have years of age. Whosoever makes use of this Remedy once a week will not be troubled with the Gravel, Fever, Lax, Breaking out in the Face, & other Disorders.

It cures the Palpatation of the Heart, all Anxiety, Megrims, Giddiness, and Head-akes, by smelling it, as you do Hungary Water, or by putting it in the Ears of the sick Person a little bal of cotton soaked in the same Medicamentum.

If you dip the points of your Finger in this Remedy and apply it to the corner of your Eye, opening and shutting the Eye twice or thrice, make this experiment for a fortnight or month & it will make you so strong sighted, that you need no Spectacles until the age of 70 or 80 years, thus it preserves the Sight.

You may anoint Ulcers, Malignant Sores, & all Crankres Etc., be assured of its perfect cure.

If you happen to receive a Burn, dip a bit of linnen cloth in the Remedy, and put it over the burned part, wetting now and then the linnen cloth with the same Remedy.

It likewise cures all fresh Sores, Megrims, Giddiness, diseases & all Distempers in the Gums or Teth by applying this to the affected part.

All old and ancient Disorders, we cannot doubt but they require a long and continual Remedy, so I have experienced by seeing several Disorders of twenty & thirty years standing, which was supposed to be Incurable, and given up by the Physicians: but neverthless was miraculously cured by virtue of this Remedy.

The greatest Pain of Colick that can be, immediately ceases with thirty drops of the same Remedy.

It is good to mitigate the inward Pains of Children (newly born) giving them one or two Drops of the said Remedy in some Breast Milk.

All lying in Women that find themselves weak or any other kind of Feebleness, they will find the excellent Effects of this Remedy, if they take it. Sore Legs are cured by the same, as is the bite of a Dog with admiration.

Whosoever is affected by Stone in the Bladder let him apply sooner to this Remedy than to the insufferable Instruments of Surgery, for as soon as you make use of this Remedy, all glewy and viscous matter that sticks to the Bladder, is immediately dissolved, which can plainly be seen in the Urine, appearing in divers figures in the form of Spiders and other Insects; it very often has been seen that the Urine appears congealed like Jelly; but this happens when the sick Person has taken this Remedy sometime before for the cause of bloody Urine; this same Remedy expels entirely the Stine, converting it into powder or dust, which can plainly be seen in the settling of the Urinal.

Notwithstanding I don't mention in this paper any thing belonging to Fits, or any other Distemper, neverthless, if any one is this way attacked, let him make use of this Remedy without Danger; you may safely keep this Remedy from all corruption fifty years, as you have it well stopped.

This is the content of our Medicamentum Gratio Probatum, or the Remedy approved by Frave; but I find no Remedy for those that follow bad council, or advice; nor for those that do not like Medicine; much less for those that seems to delicate in taking it.

This Remedy may be taken in Brandy, Wine, Milk, Honey Etc. We have found by experience that a great many of People have been entirely cured & freed, from the Fever and Ague, by taking three days following twenty five Drops of this Remedy every morning, and as many more at night, since we know that it eradicates and destroys all cause of all Fevers.

This Medicamentum Gratia Probatum is made and sold in Haarlem by the Widow Claas Tilly, who is the author since the year 1764, and so was her grandfather Claas Tilly before, who was the Chief-Inventor since the year 1698.

At every flacon is joined a pamphlet English, French, German, Portugal, Spanish, Danish or Dutch language.

After the death of the undersigned, this Medicamentum Gratia Probatum is made and sold by the successors.


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