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Haarlem Oil Horse medicine is available in 250ml Dosage bottles. Use as required. Visit the Trainers & Owners Area for more details about administering Haarlem Oil to your animals during training and racing schedules, or for instructions about treating your animals with Haarlem Oil for a particular ailments.

A Horseman's Guide to Joint and Tendon Supplements

An increasing number of products claiming to help joint pains can be confusing and needs to be put in perspective. When choosing a treatment or nutritional joint supplement for heat and pain, you must first decide whether you are looking for a 'temporary feel good' or whether you want to solve the problem causing heat and pain. more...

Your horse will love you for this..

You are leaning on the rail. You have just watched him work. He is cooling down and you just know he is not 100%. You don't like the way he puts his head down and stamps the ground. It may be a dry cough that worries you. more...

About Genuine Haarlem Oil

20th century studies have tested and proven the high bio-availability of Haarlem Oil and Testimonials from people taking Haarlem Oil capsules have shown that it is an effective remedy from a range of ailments, most prominently arthritis. more...

Medical Studies

Information on the research into the bio-availability of Haarlem Oil and associated studies. more...

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