Pete's Testimonial

I could go on and on and on about this sort of thing. It was the Lipitor that got me! After 3 months on that stuff I could barely walk...and didn't know why! I read a lot and surfed around the internet, trying to find something, anything, that would help...and stumbled upon Genuine Haarlem Oil. more...

Haarlem Oil Black Pearls

Haarlem Oil Black Pearls for humans are a natural, bio-available sulphur supplement caspule which can be taken for a range of ailments. In particular, Haarlem Oil is excellent for treating ailments such as joint pain and arthritis.

About Genuine Haarlem Oil

20th century studies have tested and proven the high bio-availability of Haarlem Oil and Testimonials from people taking Haarlem Oil capsules have shown that it is an effective remedy from a range of ailments, most prominently arthritis. more...

From The Archives

In the most part the spelling and grammar has been kept intact. Informative and amusing, of course English was spoken and written a little differently 240 odd years ago. more...

Haarlem Oil Testimonials came as a surprise that after only one month of taking Haarlem Oil the level had improved over previous readings. more...

Haarlem Oil and Soliten

Soliten is a new vitamin enriched nutritional range that includes Haarlem Oil as its prime ingredient. Soliten is a daily capsule supplement and is taken by people world wide for arthritis and other ailments. Visit for more information about Soliten and it's benefits.

Haarlem Oil Black Pearl capsule contain the same bio-available Sulphur found in Soliten capsules, but with twice the Haarlem Oil per capsule. Black Pearl capsule can be used to supercharge your arthritis regime and can treat more severe cases of arthritis more effectively. Haarlem Oil capsules are available at The Secure Haarlem Oil order form.

If you suffer from joint pain, muscle pain or arthritis, we reccomend you visit and order two months supply of Soliten capsules. Orders of two months or more will recieve freight-free shipping and also recieve a FREE email consultation. During your personal consultation with a Soliten consultant we will help determine the best regime to personally suit your symptoms and condition. Visit and order your 2 months supply of Soliten today!

Medical Studies

Information on the research into the bio-availability of Haarlem Oil and associated studies. more...

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